The vast experience gained through designing for thousands of customers in such different markets, with very different intended uses of the vehicles, has allowed Binotto to develop its own first rate internal R&D department, capable of offering advice on the choice of the most suitable products and of designing and producing tailor made solutions for every requirement.


The research team performs a fundamental role in ensuring that the high level of product quality is maintained, working continuously to develop new projects, new processes and new solutions, without ever even slightly neglecting the qualities that make Binotto cylinders special.


The quality control system codes and controls all steps of the production cycle, from product design to distribution, from the choice of raw materials and base components to final packaging.


Our style is always aimed at ensuring top quality in every single component.


We are able to guarantee this through total production control.


All products are thus subjected to a series of rigorous intermediate tests, up to a last general check in which, with the use of a special simulation system, the company is able to test the performances of cylinders in all operating conditions.